Covid-19: the music sector's suffering in 2011

The corona virus pandemic has come as a handicap to polarise almost every field and sector worldwide. Thus, music has experienced a more overwhelming financial crisis. For many artists and musicians are facing a situation that dictates its law without exception. This is what this article brings you to discover the ills that the pandemic […]

The highest paid musicians in the world.

The rank of the 74th world's musicians articles is invaded by various competitions. In 2021, the lists are out to know the artists, musicians who are more and highly paid than others. So you discover in this content the list of these singers followed by their wealth. How are musicians paid in 2021? Music far […]

The richest African woman in music.

The record of the richest person has become a way of life for everyone. For in almost every field and sector, it is sought after who has more money than others. The women musicians of Africa wanted to measure the weight of their wealth. That is why we offer you this article on the wealthiest […]

Africa's richest musicians in 2021

This has become more popular than ever, it is the ranking of the world's wealthiest. Indeed, the world's musical universe has been ranking the world's richest musicians for years. Thus, Africa's place in world music has also adopted this mechanism to show the richest artists from its countries. In this article, you will clearly discover […]

Top 10 Reggae Music in 2021

Emerging in the 1960s, Bob Marley's music, Reggae, is a commendable artistic breakthrough that has allowed many Jamaicans and citizens around the world to raise their voices. This is to denounce the ills that plague society, embezzlement, corruption, and other scourges plaguing the Jamaican City. Thus because of the loyalty of Reggae and its artists, […]